Monday, June 15, 2009

Colours of the Rainbow!: The First Post: Ooops, I Just Blogged!

Quite a long while ago I started this blog as a place to share my artwork and various other adventures. Then finals happened. And so this poor lonely blog sat, not a post to be found and any poor sap who stumbled across it would surely have been disappointed....UNTIL NOW!
These first few weeks of summer have afforded me much more spare time and offered up quite a few interesting things to share.

For my first post I present to you, Rainbow Jello Cups!
Being the proud parent that I am I documented the event senior portrait style with a classic blue tea towel back drop for the "studio shot" and then a bright summer sky with back lighting for the "on location" shoot.
I made these lovely treats for my friend Sierra's 21st Birthday. However, as she isn't really turning 21 until tomorrow, they are decidedly booze free. Also this was my first rainbow jello attempt so I was wary of messing it up.

Here is my favorite, just look at those colorful layers separated by deliciously airy Cool Whip clouds. Scrumptious!
I got the recipe and inspiration from this tutorial but there are many other versions out there too.