Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Professor Maurice Copperbottom’s

Some concept art for a themed restaurant I did a while back.
The grand entrance!Fully automated ordering experience!Enjoy food from a tube in the dining atrium!

Here is some ridiculous back story if you care to indulge!

Professor Maurice Copperbottom is the son of an accomplished British inventor, Edwin Copperbottom, and his wife, a renowned French chef, Marie-Renee. Born from a union of two rival heritages Maurice has always been preoccupied with combining his father’s love of science with his mother’s flair for the edible. In a quest to meld the logic of technology with the passion of the culinary world, Maurice created his greatest invention yet, the Gastronomic Automated Salmagondis Apparatus or GASA. The GASA takes everyday foods and makes them extraordinary, jumbling mismatched ingredients until something deliciously unexpected is created. Maurice was thrilled with his machine’s unconventional dishes, such as spaghetti ice cream, meatloaf cake, and candied sushi. Unfortunately, while Edwin and Marie-Renee were proud of Maurice, few others found his invention a success. The British Society of Inventors felt Maurice was wasting his mechanical talents on a glorified oven, while the Traditional French Cuisine Fellowship felt that his machine debased the fine art of cookery.

And so, finding himself surrounded with opposition, Maurice made his way to America, hoping to find opportunity in a country known for its love of novelty food items and shiny contraptions. He set up shop and was an immediate success. So much so, that the GASA had to be expanded into a three-story café to accommodate all of the guests. Maurice is overjoyed at the reception his creation has gained from customers. Now he wants to continue experimenting with new unusual combinations and is always looking for suggestions from his valued patrons, so please let him know what you think.

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  1. I love this! And I love you for coming up with the name "Copperbottom"! XD